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Aware Cinema is an interactive Media Guide and news site connecting transformational media makers, nonprofits and people seeking to change their lives and the planet.  Our focus is on Transformational media - media that seeks to inspire the movement of society towards ideals, values and practices that create a better world for everyone.   It focuses on solutions, not problems for issues such as: CONSCIOUSNESS, ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, HEALTH, INSPIRATION and SOCIAL ISSUES.

Our Mission is to empower the transformation of individuals and the planet by providing the tools for producers and distributors of transformational media to prosper and expand their growth as a market.  To this end we serve as the nexus of media, organizations and individuals. We enable and encourage nonprofits to bring their story to the world (as content providers) and create a virtuous circle for participation and philanthropy.

Aware Cinema is a product of Transformational Media, a marketing, sales and distribution company working with visionaries who are creating media to make a better world.  We work with the creative masters to bring the business pieces that allow them to focus on bringing their vision to life.  Together our partnership works to make a bigger impact, reaching more people and ensuring a sustainable effort. Transformational Media is an Aware Ventures company.

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